Differential Repair and Replacement

When you hear strange noises coming from your differential, you know there’s a problem. Whether you need new differential fluid or a full rebuild, Newton’s Car Care can help! Call us for differential repair and replacement in High Point, NC.

Regardless If Your Differential is On the Front or Back End of Your Vehicle, We Can Handle It For You.

Signs Of Differential Failure

When you make a turn, the outside wheel must travel farther and faster than the inside wheel. Your vehicle’s differential is responsible for this action, among other tasks. Some vehicles have the differential in the front, some in the rear. Within the large case are several gears which control the torque distributed to the drive shaft, wheels, and crank shaft. A critical mechanism, a damaged differential can eventually fail, leaving you stranded and calling a tow truck.

The most obvious sign of differential trouble is noises from the differential. When it needs lubrication or repair, you’ll likely hear whining, howling, rumbling, or clunking. Make sure to keep it properly lubricated or you could risk breaking the gears.

Because the system is so complex, it’s usually best to see a professional for differential repair or rebuilding. If you suspect a problem with your differential, visit your local auto shop right away to avoid further damage. Differential replacement is costly, so catching a problem early can save you hundreds.

Local, Professional Repairs

When you want top quality repairs and honest work, come to Newton’s Car Care. Our ASE-certified auto technicians are experienced in differential repair and rebuilds, as well as many other service areas. Whether you need a minor or major repair, we’re here to help! Our auto shop in High Point, NC is proud to be an Official NAPA AutoCare Center.

As a family owned and operated business, we know the importance of caring for our customers. Since 1982, our crew has been serving local residents with excellence and integrity. We always make sure to offer you fair prices and honest work. Visit our shop today for top quality differential repair and replacement in High Point, NC. Call us for questions or to book an appointment.

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