Alternator Repair and Replacement

Don’t let a bad alternator leave you with a broken down car! Call Newton’s Car Care for alternator repair and replacement in High Point, NC.

Alternator Repair
Your Alternator is One of the Key Components To a Running Vehicles. Call Us When You’re Having Issues.

Signs You Need Alternator Repair

Your car’s battery is not the only component that keeps the engine running. Your car’s alternator is a critical component, recycling energy from the battery in order to keep the engine, entertainment, and other systems functioning. Various signs may indicate that you have a failing alternator. Watch for these problems and avoid major issues:

Warning Light

Most newer vehicles have an alternator warning light; some look like the battery light while others may say “GEN” or “ALT” for generator or alternator. If this light comes on, it may not mean that your alternator is bad. You may simply have a kink or problem somewhere else in your electrical system. It’s best to bring your car to your local mechanic for a complete diagnostic test.

Electrical Malfunctions

If you notice problems with your vehicle’s electrical system, that is typically a clear sign that your alternator needs work. You may notice the radio shorting out, power seats and windows not working, or have trouble starting your car. You might even try to start your car and appear to have a dead battery.

Dim Headlights

A good alternator can easily handle multiple functions at once. However, if you’re driving, listening to music, and turn on your headlights, you may notice a problem. Dim lights are an almost sure sign of a failing alternator. Bring your car to our local auto shop soon before it fails completely and you’re left with a broken down car.

Weird Smells And Sounds

When the alternator begins to fail, different components may produce unusual noises or smells. One of the belts may overheat, and you may notice a burning rubber or electrical fire smell. You should stop driving immediately if this happens and check under the hood. You might also hear grinding or whining sounds from worn out bearings or bushings.

Don’t get stranded with a bad alternator! Call Newton’s Car Care for alternator repair and replacement in High Point, NC today!

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