Anti Lock Brake (ABS) Repair

Has your car’s ABS dash light turned on? Are you hearing unusual noises when you brake? Come to Newton’s Car Care for expert anti lock brake repair in High Point, NC.Give us a call or come by our shop today!

When You Leave Anti Lock Brake Repair to Our Experts, You Can Be Confident That They Will Be in Good Hands.

Signs You Need Anti Lock Brake Repair

A problem with your anti lock brake system (ABS) can become a dangerous and serious problem. While your brakes will still work, assuming they are in good shape, you will not have the benefit and safety of anti lock brakes. If you notice that your brakes aren’t working properly, see a trusted mechanic right away to prevent damaging your brakes or worse.

Your brakes endure constant use and extreme pressure. Depending on how you drive and where, your brakes may wear down and need repair more often than someone else’s. For example, if you frequently drive in stop and go traffic on the highway, you use your brakes more often than someone who drives out in the country. There are several signs to watch for when your brakes need repair, including:

  • Squealing or grinding noise when braking
  • Shaking or pulling to one side when braking
  • ABS warning light comes on
  • Brakes feel “soft”
  • Clicking or thumping sounds when braking

If you notice any of these problems, visit your local mechanic for anti lock brake repair as soon as possible. These issues could indicate an electrical issue, worn rotors, a hydraulic leak, or an issue with your brake lines. Check your brake pads to see if they are completely worn down; if they are, you may need your rotors repaired as well. At Newton’s Car Care, we’ll get your brakes fixed fast so you can get back on the road and stay safe.

Trusted ABS Repair Near You

Don’t let a problem with your anti lock brake (ABS) system get worse! If your warning light has come on or you suspect that there’s a problem, come see us. At Newton’s Car Care, we always take the time to thoroughly inspect your vehicle and assess the problem. You can count on our ASE-certified auto technicians to get the job done quickly and without error.

Call us for anti lock brake (ABS) repair in High Point, NC today!

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